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Expression Consultancy



Are you an individual or parent looking for guidance in growing in your inner work for yourself and your loved ones?

Are you a educator or administrator looking to shift your classroom or organisation to more organic curriculum and programming?

Are you the organiser of an existing community or startup education project with a vision for change?



Are you part of a family that is having trouble communicating and connecting? Maybe you're struggling with different approaches to parenting? Do you have a child with SEN? Are you someone struggling with important questions and decisions in your life? Do you want to set up a community or educational project and don't know how? Are you looking for a new career or life coaching? This could open the door to inner exploration and self awareness for you and your family. We look to support settings, families, and individuals who wish to begin this inner enquiry work which can have a dramatic impact on both their inner and outer worlds.


We work with:

Companies who wish to put the wellbeing of their staff at the heart of everything that they do.

Individuals looking for emotional or spirtual support and Non dual Therapy.

Families looking for support with SEN, behaviour support, or family dynamic support.

Educational settings, alternative educational projects, schools, or communites.


"Zoe really quickly picked up on our son's problems with regulating his emotions. She easily identified what was likely to make him lose control and the reasons why these outbursts may be happening.  From this we felt our son could go forward with some totally non judgmental sessions with Zoe.  These regular meetinPlease read Non Duality and our approach on the ABOUT page.



We work with Individuals, Families Companies and Educational initiatives to explore the structure of thought, and how our beliefs, values and judgments make up our world. Non Dual Therapy and life coaching can be an opening to profound change internally and externally.


This inner exploration and work can lead to major insights which have a profound effect on our entire life, relationships, and our world as we know it. From a place of stillness and insight we can work together to find your truth and the peace that comes with it.


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Expression Consultancy offers non-dual support, life coaching, counselling and educational services for Individuals, Families, Communities, and Educational Settings from a non dual perpective.