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Zoe Burgess originally trained as a Learning Disability Nurse working with adults and children with mental health issues and Learning Disabilities before working in mainstream schools as a family Counsellor and behavioural specialist. She trained as a Montessori Teacher, running an alternative education project for children and also ran a Pre-school. She moved to Portugal in 2016 and established an Alternative Educational Cooperative before founding the first Alternative Self-Directed International School there in 2016. Zoe gained her Diploma in Addiction Counselling and Diploma in Psychotherapy in 2018 and gained her Cognitive Behaviour Practitioner Certificate and Level 7 Diploma in SEN need in 2019. In 2020 Zoe Founded Meon River an alternative education project in the UK for home educating families. She also consults all over Europe and supports educational settings, families, and individuals to go deeper with their inner and outer work. 


Zoe is married to Tim and has three children aged 25, 15, and 12. Zoe home educates her children. For the last fifteen years she has been on a deeply spiritual journey which has supported her work with children and families. Coming from a non-dual perspective she is passionate about supporting change within the family dynamic and within settings that support children.


Expression Consultancy



Non-duality literally means “not two”. Although connected strongly to the Indian philosophy of Advaita, the fundamental oneness of which it speaks can be traced through mystical origins from all over the world. Non-dual awareness allows for a profound deep knowing and insight into the energy, awareness, consciousness (or whatever you want to name it) that that creates, transcends, and permeates our constructed world. Once seen there is an unshakable awareness that our entire world is nothing more than a conceptual construct. This knowing is the basis for all religions and and is not found within the construct of thought but in the silence in between. The realisation that we can function entirely without psychological though awakens us to other profound insights about our true nature.

We are conditioned to believe that success, money, power over others, and the constant striving to be something valued by others are the most important facets of life. We believe life is about a constant movement forward. We are taught from an early age that it is all about being something. From then on we seek. We seek the moment when we will feel whole. When we will feel alive. We find moments of this within our achievements. We touch upon it when we reach a high, but in the next moment it is gone again. More and more we strive and seek to find it again. We believe we will feel whole and secure when we reach that moment in the future. That image that we have created within our heads that will finally make us happy and allow us peace. And so it goes on. For us and for our children. The process of moving forward.

But what if we could stop? What if we could step out of this movement and be still? What if the chasing stopped and the striving ended? What if all that noise and chatter inside of our heads just stopped? In the silence when this stops there is to be found a different kind of life. A life that has a totally different kind of quality. No more becoming. No more chasing. Just this. It’s still, and gentle, and understated. Yet there it is. Nearly fifteen years ago a man sat on my sofa and blew my world apart with one statement. There is no you.. At that moment my world collapsed. 

My question to you is, what if you could live a life not from the perspective of an entity in side your head, but from the perspective that “you” are everything that is seen? Just think about that for a second. There is no you. Just everything that is seen. Then imagine your community living from this perspective. Now what does family look like? What does education look like? What if you could offer something different to your children that broke this cycle? These are the questions we are exploring. These are the discussions that we are having. This is how we truly change our lives.



"Someone once said to me that going on this journey will be the best gift that you can offer to your family, or to your community. Now I see that they were right. This exploration has to come from within. When we change the internal the external changes all by itself in reaction. Knowing what we are and why we do the things we do can create the most powerful change not just for ourselves but  for our family and children."