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We are taught from a young age to chase a dream state where we will be endlessly happy and content and no pain will ever touch us. We chase this dream with the belief that we will suffer being miserable presently in the hope that one day we will find this dream. We seek to be fulfilled by money, power, belongings, drugs, alcohol, or even spirituality. But when we have tried all of these things and we realise that we cannot be fulfilled by external forces we turn to our inner work at last. Only then do we see that we were creating our own suffering. We were the fuel that kept it alive. When this flame dies what is left is silence. This is the non dual space of stillness. In that silence we find a peace and stillness that is greater than any dream we could have had. In individual sessions we look to explore the nature of thought and its structure. We look at our story and its root cause. We explore our pain, suffering, and grief to allow for the movement of insight as to why this is so powerful in our lives. 

Individual sessions can be held on Skype, Whatsapp, over the telephone, or in person. Sessions are 60 pounds per hour. Please contact us to book a session or enquire.

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