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Non Dual Therapy for Families 

Having children is the hardest job there is. There is no manual. No telephone support lines, and very little support other than a wide range of books and approaches which all say conflicting things. It can be confusing and lonely. Having been on this journey for over twenty years now we know how hard it can get. We wish to offer support. From individual Skype calls to summer camps for families we hope that there is a way that we can support you. Family conflict, breakdowns in communication, general dysfunction, child behavioural support, or just wanting to feel more connected and intune are all issues that we are willing to support. We can offer really practical support for routine and structures, mediation support, or individual non-dual sessions. Please get in contact to see what else we can offer to suit your families needs.


Family sessions can be held on Skype, Whatsapp, over the telephone, or in person. Sessions are charged at 60 pounds per session. Please get in contact  to book a session.

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