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We offer the following services for Start-up educational groups, schools and other professional companies.


Enquiry for Understanding Schools Program

Enquiry for Understanding is a program designed for Primary and secondary school to explore key concepts within the PHSE and RE Curriculum. Children are encouraged and supported to explore key philosophical questions gaining insight into the functions of thought and emotions along the way. This 8 week course goes deeply into our mental, social and emotional landscape and supports children to develop skills in mindfulness and emotional stability. This program can be targeted to specific children in need of additional support or as a whole school approach to social and emotional development and empowering children to be heard and valued.


Non-Dual perspectives within the workplace

This program aims to support Companies to promote and prioritise wellbeing in the workplace. All Businesses know that if employees are happy, fulfilled and motivated then they will produce better results. Exploring communicational approaches, perspectives on the thought system, its connection to our emotions and enquiry into how our beliefs and ideas from our perspective of others, this course supports stronger relationships in the workplace and staff understanding about their strengths and where their skill sets lie so that they can offer their best self.


ALC Workshops and Trainings

Agile Learning Centers approach to self directed education. Training usings tools and boards and the underlying concepts and ideas. Games, activities, and how to create a space where learning happens naturally. 


Educational Set-up Support or transition support/Business Development and Support

How to set up a Home education group, Community, or Start a Educational center. All functional support and ideas for approaches and design strategy. How to transition from one type of setting to another or move location or registration. We can also offer support with financial aspects of running an educational project; fund-raising, and growing your business.


Policy and Procedure and other Documentational Support

Setting up a group, club, school, or other educational setting and need support with paperwork, curriculum, and guidance?


Motivational and practical Training and Events

Does your educational setting or company need support and inspiration?  Are you looking for new ideas for your staff regarding practical alternative approaches to content or professional development? Maybe you need to set up some new systems and structures? We can support your situation and needs. 

Please get in contact to discuss your needs and how we can help. 

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