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Zoe hosts an in person Non-dual meetup on a Wednesday evening. This is held at 7.30pm online. Please contact me for details.


 She also hosts a next steps meeting for those who see themselves as addicts and have worked a 12 step program of any kind. This is held on a Sunday evening at 8.30pm online. Please contact me for details. 

Online YOGA Course!!! During this course you will not be needing a yoga mat at any point! This course is to gain insight into what it is really all about to explore the other 7 limbs of yoga that seem to have got left in India. Anybody can join the course and no prior knowledge is needed at all. It will also be valuable for anyone who has practised yoga for many years but the main basis of their practice has been the asanas. This course will run every month so please get in contact for the next dates.




                                        Please get in contact to find out about up and coming training and events across Europe. 


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